Simon Tire & Cellular: Des Moines Tire and Auto Service Since 1914.

Products & Services

We stock hundreds of tires from brands like Goodyear, Pirelli, Michelin, Kumho, Cordovan, and more.
Auto Service
Our service center is fully equipped with the latest tools and staffed by expert technicians.

We Offer Nitrogen Tire Filling

Benefits of tires filled with NITROGEN...

1) Nitrogen filled tires hold their pressure longer

2) Less pressure change with temperature

3) Less rust and corrosion on wheels (Nitrogen is dry)

4) Test show that tires filled with NITROGEN lasted 25 to 30% longer


Free Downtown Shuttle Service
Leave your car with us and we'll take you to any downtown location free of charge.
Downtown Des Moines Location
If you live or work downtown, you won't have to travel far to find us.

Tech Tip

Check your tire pressure monthly

Improper inflation decreases the life of your tires, drastically reduces fuel economy, and may lead to loss of control or blowout in an emergency. Please consult your owner's manual for details and drive safely.

Simon Tire: Circa 1931

Simon Tire: Circa 1931
Founders: David and Harry Simon.

Simon Tire & Auto Services

Harry Simon (Owner)
Harry Simon: Third Generation Owner.
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